It’s new year again – that means it’s time to set our resolutions in stone, conquer our dreams and fulfill our grand visions of health and beauty whilst improving every aspect of our life for the better!
The problem? – this is the seventh year in a row most people have found themselves saying that.
It’s not that the intent isn’t there, it always is – we always set out to achieve our goals and do as we say, it’s just that things always crop up.
The true key to success is knowing that things will crop up – but how we perceive them and handle them ultimately affects our outcome. 
It’s a frequently preached principle – becoming comfortable with discomfort, but how can we apply this to such a busy and unpredictable world?
Well, it’s the predicting it self that often causes the issue.
See, most people have the ability to “predict” the future. In fact, we ALL do. It’s true.
Sadly though, most people use this power negatively – they predict failure, struggle, stress and worry.
As a result, all they see is what they’ve forecasted – they conceal the positives and blind themselves to success.
Those who are successful program themselves to expect the best, to see the best, and to be the best – even during moments of strife, these people believe in the best outcome, a way out, and more importantly, a way forward.
We all potentially face the same universal issues in life – lack of money, lack of time and lack of love amongst other things.
It’s when we begin to expect these areas to fail by default that we begin to lose our grip – if all you expect is a negative outcome, then all you will see is a series of events leading to it. 
If however, you expect to win, to succeed and to change, then your series of events will unfold in an altogether different manner – or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the events wont change, but the way you experience them will.
That’s what it all comes down to – the ability to handle something, anything and how we do it that dictates whether or not we reach our goal and fulfil our ideals.
Will you lose time this year, or will you find time? will you eat too much of the bad stuff, or more of the good? 
Will you succeed this time, and more importantly, do you expect to?
No matter what happened yesterday, two weeks ago, or last year – today is always the best time to choose who you are tomorrow.