We all know that hitting the gym on a regular basis burns calories, and we all know that eating a healthy, well balanced diet means we consume LESS calories – but we’re a generation configured for instant gratification. We want our results yesterday, never mind in a few months time.

As such, we’re always in search of the next quick fix training routine or fad diet to deliver our dream results within 30 days – many of us are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands on programs that “guarantee” us the ideal end result we’ve been pining over for the past few years of our lives.

These programs often do a great job of convincing us that we’re really getting there, when in actual fact we’ve likely just shed a few pounds in water weight and learned nothing of true value about nutrition in the process. No knowledge means no learning, and no learning means old habits frequently return as fast as they go the second we abolish the safety net provided by these often dubiously pieced together and largely unproven health regimes.

What if you didn’t have to become a nutritional mastermind though?

The key to burning calories is actually really simple, and just by making a few easy changes to your daily routine you can melt through fat like a hot knife.

Eating less and exercising more is the widely used tag line for losing weight, but the reason the principle works is because we’re making our bodies do more internally. It’s what the exercise does to our INSIDES that determines how we look on the outside – that effect can also be achieved by consuming a few readily available items you’ll likely walk right on by every time you visit the supermarket.

Make these changes to your exercise routine and eating plan today – they will literally save you and your friends from wasting hundreds on misinformation.

1 – Grapefruit

Eating between two to three servings of grapefruit in juice will VASTLY aid in your fat burning capabilities – these fruits contain compounds that naturally aid in the metabolisation (burning) of fat modules within the human body.

2 – CFW

Compound free weights! – I had to type the initials for fear of female readers running terrified at the mere mention of using free weights in a gym based environment and making themselves enormous! except for the fact that they won’t.

Compound free weight movements not only burn the most calories, they also promote (toned, attractive, NOT massive) muscular development in both males and females that literally burns calories as you sleep. Your body sees extra muscle as a burden and as such uses more resources to keep your existing mass sustained throughout the day and night – even whilst sitting at your desk.

Ladies fear not, your bodies don’t contain enough growth hormone to be able to develop your musculature to the same level as a mans. It is physically impossible to get to that level as a female who trains through entirely natural means – what you WILL get is a toned and sculpted physique that’s been finely tuned to burn calories at an accelerated rate.

3 – Green Tea

Green tea is also a catalyst for major metabolic activity – it has been theorized that every four cups burns 100 calories due to the fact it increases your internal body temperature. What does this mean? more burned calories.

4 – DFB

Again with the initials, cause if you hear this one more time your head will pop but if you DON’T FORGET BREAKFAST then you really will shred through your fat stores MUCH more effectively.

Your metabolism is a manual laborer, without tools, it’s useless – those tools come in the form of healthy food. You don’t actually start burning calories until you start consuming them, so if you don’t eat breakfast within the first half an hour of waking up, you’re just delaying your ability to burn fat. This in turn will lead to a finely tuned metabolism that continuously burns.

5 – Casein

Casein protein comes from dairy products and is a fantastic addition to any nutritional arsenal – it takes up to 8 hours to digest in our system, and being that protein increases our internal body temperature, that means that consuming low fat, high protein dairy products like quark and low fat cottage cheese before heading to bed keeps us burning long after the sandman comes to visit.

These five changes alone will see a vast improvement in your ability to burn fat – there are SO many more simple additions you can make to achieve your target weight or even your ideal physique without the need to splash cash on “flavour of the minute” plans and supplements.

Give them a try today!

Author: Jason Diprose

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